November Reads


  • Invisibilia was love at first episode, followed by an uncontrollable listening binge, followed by impatience for season 2 to start. My favorite stories were that of a man emerging out of locked-in syndrome and recounting his experience, and that of a blind man learning to echo-locate, but there are more that are just as good.

  • Radiolab's story about the oppression of the Mau Mau in colonial Kenya. How many more stories like this one are hidden away in archives that are not open to the public?

  • Planet Money's episode on the unexpected forces that kept the cost of a Coca Cola can at 5 cents for over 70 years.

Cool stuff online:

  • The Cougar Ace story, about rescuing a huge container ship that tipped on its side and almost sank. The text, the photos, the men involved -- everything feels like an action movie, even though this is a true story.

  • Tim Urban's finale on the topic of Elon Musk on Wait But Why. Long and funny and inspirational. I wish I could remember more often to treat life as one long game of Grand Theft Auto.

I also read Alice Munro's short story collection The Love of a Good Woman. This book sneaked up on me. The first few stories were not that interesting, but then they kept getting more and more intense, until the last two, which were my favorites (Before the Change and My Mother's Dream).