June and July Reads

These past two months I've been pretty busy, as I took my parents on their first trip to the US, and also released the new mobile-friendly version of Tinyblu, which has been in the works for a long time. So I haven't had much time for reading. But there are still a few things worth mentioning:

  • The Fix Is In, a This American Life episode about collusion by companies to suspend competition so that they can keep prices up. It's fascinating because they actually got these guys on tape talking about fixing prices!
  • The Problem with the Solution, an Invisibilia episode about the American drive to find solutions to problems, and what that means for mental illness in particular. I'm so excited that Invisibilia season 2 is now live!
  • Flash Boys, Michael Lewis's take on high-frequency trading.

I'm also currently on a binge of leafing through the Moon Living Abroad series of travel guides ;) It helps keep the wanderlust at bay, at least somewhat.