Biking the CA-1 Island

One of the best days of my life.

Up at 6:30, out by 7. Sun rising from the hills as I drove south on 101. Ecuador-grade fog over the hills to Monterey, but gone by Big Sur. Quick hike-a-bike over a dusty trail, and then I was on The Island (the 30-mile stretch of Highway 1 that was cut off from car traffic by a broken bridge to the north and a landslide to the south).

photo 1

The road was windy, and delightfully empty, with postcard views around every corner. I got to Gorda, drank some chocolate milk, and headed back north. With lots of daylight still left, I stopped at an unmarked trail and found my way to the ocean. Powerful waves crashed against the cliffs, exploding in outbursts of clean white foam. I could have watched them for hours. It was just warm enough in the sun not to need a jacket.

photo 2

A rare wave of gratitude hit me as I sat there. Epiphany #1: I do in fact have a lot to lose, even though I'm single / unhappy / whatever. Epiphany #2: This body that allows me to do things like this, I'm in fact very thankful for it, and I should take better care of it so that I can continue doing things like this for as long as possible.

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