2018 Q1 reads

  • Some predictions by Rodney Brooks about self-driving cars and AI / ML in general.
  • A talk by Maciej Ceglowski on the history of radio, which started as a nerds' toy but eventually became a political tool. He argues that the Internet is going through the same transition today.
  • A Quillette article drawing some connections between the tech industry and the autism spectrum.
  • A Cracked article reminding readers that the world doesn't care if you're a nice guy; it only cares about what it can get from you.
  • Two of the more reasonable responses to the Aziz Ansari debacle.
  • A podcast by More Perfect providing some nuance on the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.
  • A long article by Michal Zalewski on preparing for disasters of various kinds. This is the security researcher who wrote The Tangled Web, and it's illuminating to see how he thinks about security in the physical world.